About Us

We are an eco-conscious group of people who believe that it’s necessary to make some changes in order to keep our planet as beautiful and alive as it should and needs to be. We are sure everything comes down to the way we use and handle natural energy sources, to the way we exploit them.

So we decided to share our knowledge with every like-minded individual who is ready to act on this belief, but also with those skeptics among us who don’t know how to evolve with the rest of the world.

Our Mission

planet earth awareness

There is no doubt that our future lies in renewable energy. Our mission is to get you to see it too, to provide you with all the information you need to finally start believing solar, wind, and every other kind of non-consumable natural energy is the thing you should hold on to. To show you that your choices matter and that transferring to systems based on renewable sources is a lifestyle decision you will never regret.

This isn’t something that’s not available to you, although it may seem like that sometimes. There are a lot of wrongly interpreted data regarding this topic, so we simply decided to put a stop on it. It’s finally time for you to get the facts right.

Meet Our Team

1. Beverly Cavins – Editor-in-chief

Our boss hates the fact she wasn’t courageous and determined enough to start using the solar panel system earlier in her life. The comprehension of how good it feels to choose each day to contribute a bit to the environment is a thing that made her want to write about it and spread the word how beneficial and rewarding this way of living can be.

Renewable energy source of choice: Sun

2. Paul Cottman – Staff writer

Paul is a journalist who loves being well informed and on top of the latest tech discoveries. He started experimenting with the idea of using natural forces for everyday usage in early youth and discovered we really do not need anything else, just as long as we know how to use each source correctly. It’s been six years he’s working on expanding the knowledge regarding this matter, and sharing it with those who are willing to start a new, environmentally conscious phase in their life but don’t know how or where to start.

Renewable energy source of choice: Wind