Global Energy Crisis Causes, Effects & Solutions

Statistics showed that in the last 200 years, global energy needs had increased quite significantly, to the point where it is unsustainable. While we can now delve into studying why is that, and what have we done wrong in that matter, only one thing is truly important at this moment for us to acknowledge and accept – energy sources we were, and still are using, will come to their end.

So, what is an energy crisis, how can it be prevented, and what are the solutions? Our future will bring many uncertainties, but among the first ones will definitely be this question – what are we going to do without fossil fuels that we have relied on mostly in the past, and that now have almost dried out completely.

The experts in this field know for sure they are close to exhaustion, that it’s just a matter of time they will be deleted, and that we are not really prepared for this scenario. They are calling this a global energy crisis.

What Is the Energy Crisis?

Global Energy Crisis

There is a reasonable concern that there won’t be enough natural resources in the future, we as a global society need for everyday life. The fact is, these resources are very much limited, and they are diminishing as our demands rise.

 In three words, this is what we call global energy crises. These sources, fossil fuels mostly, will not disappear from the Earth’s surface entirely, but it will take thousands of years for them to restore, and we do not have that much time to wait, that’s for sure.

Because of that, there is a global tendency to promote renewable resources that can do the job just as good and won’t cause as much environmental pollution like these current ones undoubtedly do.

Why Should You Care About It?

Not that we know the energy crisis definition, you must wonder why you should care about it. You don’t have to, but the consequences will come knocking on your door. We are talking about a serious and complex problem that will affect us, but most importantly, our children’s future.

Maybe this generation won’t experience the true burden of this global shift, but those that will come after us will most certainly do. Not only that we will end up without the oil, gas, and coil we mercilessly spend, but we will destroy our planet if we don’t switch to other, more environmentally-friendly energy sources.

It’s no secret, on the contrary, how relying on fossil fuels causes climate change, global warming, and many other global problems. So here is what the energy crisis causes, and why it is so important to see that renewable energy solutions are what we should be focusing on.

Energy Crisis Causes

It would not be fair to say only one industry is responsible for everything that’s happening regarding this problem, there are many manufacturing fields that contributed to this crisis in the first place.

And it’s not something that occurred overnight. We will now present the list of all energy crisis causes and effects, the list of all those who have their part in this global crisis, and the responsibility to take for it.

1. Overpopulation

The fact that experts are claiming there are too many people on our planet is terrifying, but jet troublesome, because we do not have enough food and fuels for all our needs. And no matter what type of products we are talking about, they are all made with raw materials that drained our energy resources.

But let’s not forget that we are basing this conclusion on current consumption and that there are reliable predictions that show all these numbers will increase considerably. They are showing global energy demand is going to grow by more than 50 percent in the next ten years if we don’t do anything about it.

2. Overconsumption

It is proven that the energy crisis is a result of general overconsumption. First of all, overconsumption of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas, but also other non-renewable sources like uranium. Based on some research, the oil will be the first power source without whom we are going to remain.

We have only 40 to 60 years left to base our lifestyle on this fossil fuel, while gas will be present in our lives for 70 years until it becomes totally exploited. The coil is most reliable for now, there are reserves for two more centuries.

3. Aging Infrastructure

One of the reasons we are where we are regarding the general energy shortage is poor and old energy infrastructure. The equipment most companies around the world are using is outdated, and it significantly limits energy production. Most people believe that it is the responsibility of utilities to upgrade that infrastructure in order to provide a high standard of performance.

4. Energy Waste

People are simply refusing to believe how important energy consumption is. They take it lightly, thinking their contribution is not something that matters. But they are wrong, this is one of the great causes of energy crisis.

If only everyone would turn off the light when they leave the room, use the daylight at maximum, turn off fans when they don’t need them anymore, use CFL instead of traditional light bulbs, walk instead of driving short distances, etc., the situation will be so much more different than it is today.

5. Delay in Commissioning of New Power Plants

Delay in Commissioning of New Power Plants

There are some countries in the world that have very strange practices. They are showing notable delays in the commissioning of new power plants that have the capacity to fully meet the needs of energy demand and supply.

Because of that, older plants are working non-stop until they reach the point of bursting, so they could provide the amount of power people request. And if the supply doesn’t meet the demand, then load shedding and breakdown happen.

6. Wars Between Countries

Even though this isn’t the first thing that would cross your mind when somebody mentions the energy crisis, but the war between countries actually can lead to this problem greatly. These types of skirmishes could stop the energy supply from some places, especially if we are talking about Middle East countries like Qatar, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

If you remember the Gulf War, you probably know how the price of oil reached its peak. At that time, there were global shortages of this source, and people were paying a lot of money to get it.

7. Natural Calamities and Major Accidents

Natural Calamities and Major Accidents

The energy crisis today is also caused by natural disasters we cannot control or stop from happening, as well by some major accidents that are totally our fault.

When we are talking about the first-mentioned problem, we are actually thinking about earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tornados, floods, tsunamis, and similar catastrophic disasters, while in other categories are things like pipeline bursts, for example. Those events have the power to create a big gap between demand and supply of power, which can raise the price of energy and lead to inflation.

8. Miscellaneous Factors

Throughout history, a lot of things happened that greatly affected this subject. Things like strikes, military coups, tax hikes, political events, etc., were definitely able to make some changes inside the supply and demand process.

Also, extremely hot summers or really cold winters can change people’s need for power. All that can cause serious energy crises.

Energy Crisis Effects

It should be clear by now that these crises are real and that they affect all segments of our lives. The fact that our planet is overpopulated, that we are relying on non-renewable energy sources, that we are not thinking about energy consumption, and that nature has its saying in all of this too brought us to the point where our economy, social politics, and our environment suffer.

1. Economic and Socio-political

On average, we spend around 40.000 gallons of oil per second, and because of that, most countries reached the maximum when it comes to relying on this source. We need it for transportation, manufacturing goods, and generating electricity. Given that we are on the verge of remaining without it, many jobs and industries find themselves in a huge problem.

So the situation is alarming, and it brought us to the point where the energy crisis could have a huge impact on the global economy as well as social politics. Every person that works in an industry that makes cosmetics, food, clothes, medication, plastic and other life essentials based on this and every other fossil fuel is in danger of losing a job.

The same applies to the automobile industry for people who work as car mechanics or in gas stations. And another problem lies in the fact that all those products will become more expensive if nothing changes.

2. Environmental

The second issue is our environment and how relying on non-renewable power sources affects our soil, water, the air we breathe, and all living creatures on our planet, including us, humans. The overconsumption of traditional energy sources is causing many negative effects, including the incensement in greenhouse gas emissions, because of which we are living in a time of constant global warming.

The warmer climate leads to the ice caps melting and therefore rising global sea level, extreme weather, and many other changes that affect all living creatures. Many of the spices were extinguished or were made to change their habitat. Besides that, as a result of relying mostly on fossil fuels, we now have an environment that is greatly polluted, which affects our health in every matter.

Energy Crisis Solutions & Prevention

There are a lot of ways we can help our planet to recover from this energy crisis it is currently experiencing. Many of these measures are applying all over the world, but it’s necessary for all of us to adopt them and start acting by them.

It is crucial for us to change the way we think first because only that can lead to shifts in our behavior. So if you wonder how to solve energy crisis, or at least how to contribute to this cause, we brought you some real suggestions.

1. Energy Transition to Renewable Energy Sources

One of the best ways to lower the world’s reliance on non-renewable power sources, and one of the best sustainable energy solutions (oil, coil, and gas) is to turn to renewable sources like sun (solar panels), wind, water, and steam.

Experts are claiming that the major concern about using traditional sources should not be the fact that they are going to run out, but that they are continuously polluting the atmosphere and destroying other natural resources in the process.

The renewable energy solution is the best one because there is no emission of greenhouse gasses, pollution is minimal, and it is significantly cheaper to use hydropower, biomass energy, wind energy, and the power of the sun.

2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation

If you are eager to make this energy crisis slow down or completely stop, you should definitely learn how to use less of it and how to preserve it. The first thing is to modernize the energy infrastructure in order to lower the amount of energy waste.

Then, switch to energy-efficient appliances and devices, for example, use LED or CFL instead of traditional light bulbs. Once again, don’t forget to conserve energy to – turn off the lights, turn off the fans or air conditioning, recycle, reduce and reuse the products and their packages.

3. Lighting Controls

Just as we previously mentioned, light control is out of enormous importance when it comes to this matter. The first thing is to remember to switch lights off when you are not in the room, and the second thing is to install new technology that will help you control the intensity and brightness of the lights.

That way, you will save a great amount of energy. You can use touch dimmers, slide lighting, or integrated lighting controls in order to conserve energy on a daily basis. Besides that, you will also reduce the overall lighting costs for sure.

4. Perform Energy Audit

Perform Energy Audit

Now, this is something truly great, given that it can show you the real state of affairs. An energy audit can help you establish the specific areas where you are losing the most energy in your home. Also, this process can suggest some steps that can help you improve your energy efficiency.

However, it is important that an energy audit is done by professionals because only then you will have a clear image and certainty that you have saved some energy, reduced your carbon footprint, and avoided an energy crisis.

5. Common Stand on Climate Change

It is crucial that all countries in the world create a common stand on climate change matters. We are talking about both developed and those countries that are in a developing process, because only that way, through united actions we have a chance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to slow down global warming.

Forming this united front is extremely important for more than one reason. First, we want to leave our children a world full of potential, and second, we need to put a stop to this energy crisis for the sake of our environment, but also our economy.


It can be a bit overwhelming knowing that we are the ones who are destroying the world we are living in, and that situation is quite alarming. But on the other hand, it is also empowering knowing that our actions matter, that the way we live our lives, and the decisions we make every day can greatly affect the global energy, economy, or social situation.

So it is finally time to take your own stand. Decide today to make some changes your kids can be grateful for, and you will be proud of for sure.