How to Charge a Solar Watch Fast? – With & Without Sunlight

Given that renewable energy is becoming more and more acceptable and tempting lifestyle option for a great number of people, it’s quite often they decide to change their traditional watches for those based on solar energy and solar panels.

They find it interesting, current, and pretty entertaining, since you can just put them under the sunlight if you see the battery is running low, and viola, it will continue to work perfectly. Here, we bring you detailed instructions on how to charge your solar powered watches fast.

Regular Charging

How to Charge a Solar Watch

First, you need to establish if it is even the time for a recharge. You will know that by looking at the watch dial. Usually, every solar watch will have a pointer bar that shows the current status of the battery. When you see that this bar is on the bottom, it’s definitely the right moment to expose it to the sun.

All you need to do, in order to make the little solar panel on your watch work, is to put it under direct sunlight (outside, or on the window, for example). If you are outdoors and you have it in your hand, just make sure your sleeve is rolled up.

Also, you will be able to understand your watch needs charging when it simply stops working, stops showing the right time, or when the mode buttons stop working. Now, you need to understand that when your hand watch is totally disabled because its battery is at the bare minimum, it will take about 20 hours of charging for it to get to the maximum.

But that means that it needs to be placed in a way that it has full exposure to the sun. During the winter, however, it will take three times longer – about 60 hours to get to that same point. The process of charging a solar watch indoors is also possible, but you need to make sure to put it in a place that has an inflow of light.

But, if you wonder how to charge a solar watch without the sun, or is it even possible, know that the solution exists, but you will have to accept the fact that you won’t be in a position to use it for a couple of days. The thing is, it takes a lot longer to charge the watch through an artificial light than the natural sunlight. The whole process might take up to 150 hours.

Temporary Charging

Solar Watch

The fully charged watch will last for months, sometimes even a year. But if you see the situation is critical, and that you need to give it a little power push immediately, all you have to do is to place it under the sun for only three minutes, and it will be able to work for the next 24 hours. But when it comes to the artificial light, for the same working period, the item will need to be exposed for three and a half hours.

In order to prevent this from happening, to avoid waiting for it to completely wear out, you should make a habit of giving your watch a daily dose of light, natural or artificial. That way, you will probably manage to charge it fully, day by day, without the need to do it later for hours. And remember, if the watch comes to the no-charge level, you will have to reset it after it’s charged.


FAQs on How to Charge a Solar Watch Fast

1. How to Charge a Seiko Solar Watch?

If both hands stop rotating completely, there is a possibility your Seiko solar watch ran out of power. In that case, you need to expose it to the direct sunlight for about five to six hours before you start using it again, in order for it to get a sufficient amount of energy. If you are rushing and decide on setting it up before that, it will probably stop working again after a short period of time.

2. Will a Solar Watch Charge During the Cloudy Day?

Yes. Even if the whole sky is covered with clouds, a little solar panel on your watch will get a certain amount of sunlight and will be able to charge. But, you should know that in that case, solar panels can produce only 10-25 percent of their regular output, which means the charging process will take more time.


The usage of solar watches, including their charging, is quite simple and easy to handle. Pretty much everyone can understand it and realize it, it’s just necessary not to forget how important it is to put it under the sun regularly, on a daily basis.

Besides that, these watches have many benefits, and one of them is the fact that you won’t ever have to change their battery, unlike the quartz-controlled watches that demand this service every couple of years.