Submersible Solar Water Pump VS Surface Water Pump

If you are thinking about installing a water pump in your pool, pond, birdbath, or some other water-based construction, you have two options – you can choose to use a submersible water pump, or a surface-mounted water pump.

And just like with any other product, there are some advantages and some shortcomings that each solution brings. Also, which one of them to choose will mostly depend on your specific situation and your needs.

Surface Solar Water Pump

The surface water pump is usually very easy to install, and you will be able to access it at any moment. But since it is upon the surface of the water, it will be in constant contact with all sorts of weather conditions – rain, snow, storm, etc. Also, since it is approachable, it will be exposed to the possibility of vandalism.

The wintertime can be really problematic for this type of water pump, it can severely affect its performance. In case of extremely low temperatures, the water will start freezing, and since the pump is positioned on the pathway of the newly created ice layer, it may happen that water trapped inside of the pump freezes too. And that sort of thing can damage the pump gravely.

Another problem is that these pumps are not shielded and protected like the submersible ones, they are on the water’s surface, exposed to thunderstorms, floods, wildlife, or irresponsible behavior of people. And according to experts in this field, surface water pumps use a great amount of energy, which will be visible on your electricity bill for sure.

Submersible Solar Water Pumps

When it comes to submersible water pumps, they need to be completely submerged in the water so that they can work properly. There’s always information on what’s the minimum water level they need to be provided with. Their greatest benefit is their efficiency, since the water will come naturally into the pump, and you won’t need any sort of energy applied in order to make it go the right way.

Since submersible pumps are placed under the water, they won’t be exposed to any sort of danger brought by climate, but also caused by people or animals. It’s just extremely important to make sure the water level is always appropriate, or that your pump has an auto shut-off system that will prevent it from working in case there’s not enough water in a tank. That way, you will prolong its lifespan.

Also, submersible water pumps are much quieter than surface-mounted ones, so if you would like to retain the silent and undisturbing atmosphere in your backyard that’s followed with nothing but the sounds of nature, this is a much better choice for you.


Now, let us be clear – both submersible and surface water pumps are great electricity spenders, which is why many people decide to give up on their purchase and postpone their decision in this matter.

But they can now be relieved because modern-day life brought us solar-powered water pumps that work only on electricity provided by the sun, and generated by solar panels. They work completely the same way as the regular water pumps, with a slight difference – it won’t cost you a thing.